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The LV series is a modern line of homes designed and manufactured by Rocio Romero. The LV series has been thoughtfully designed to enhance a modern lifestyle that is connected to nature. They provide you with factory built kit components for the exterior shell which is built on site by a general contractor.

The LV series kit homes first started with the LV home (Standard LV); it is the second LV prototype designed and built by Rocio Romero. Romero's other LV unit designs have been developed to provide additional options while maintaining the same style and design as the original LV.   All of the units have a standard width of 25'-1", but vary in size because of the difference in the length.  They have three standard types of foundations for you to choose from: crawlspace, basement, and/ or slab on grade. Each unit can be customized to meet your specific taste and needs, you can choose from several exterior siding options as well as reconfigure interior and exterior walls.  The LV units were designed to be built individually and/or combined to create a larger home or compound.

The LV is an 1150 sq. ft home that is 25'-1" x 49'-1" and has a living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and closets. The LV home starts at $33,900.

The LVL is an 1453 sq. ft home that is 25'-1" x 59'-6" and has a living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and closets. The LVL home starts at $41,050.

The standard LV series home plan comes with the interior layout. However, the interior layout is flexible so you can reconfigure the interior. You do need to keep the one 12 foot structural wall. That which is shaded in black in the plan represents walls and steel posts that must remain for structural reasons. The other walls are not structural and can be reconfigured accordingly.

The standard LV series home plan comes with the post and window. However, They have designed the LV series to allow you flexibility with respect to the window and door placement. This allows you to reposition these posts up to 15 feet apart. This means you can reconfigure the size of your rooms as well as choose from different types of window configurations. All of the LV series kit homes have a standard width of 25'-1", but vary in size because of the difference in the length; the LVM (25'-1" length) is our smallest model and the LVL (59'-6" length) is our largest.

The kit is an exterior shell kit package and includes: post and beam, exterior wall panels, faux wall panels, roof framing, select connectors, and siding material. Any good general contractor can build an LV series home. Rocio Romero's kits make the process of building the kit home very easy. Prior to purchasing an LV series home you and your contractor can attain a ballpark estimation of the LV series home from information on Rocio Romero's website

Rocio Romero LLC is a multidisciplinary firm that designs, manufactures, builds, ships, and sells affordably quality kit homes. www.RocioRomero.com


Engineered to meet UBC (Uniform Building Code) and IRC (International Residential Code). At an additional fee we can certify your home in all 50 states so long as your structural requirements do not exceed the specifications listed below.

SNOWLOAD: 20-50 psf
WINDLOAD 100 mph (exp. C)
SEISMIC: zone 4

SNOWLOAD: 20-50 psf
WINDLOAD 120 mph (exp. C)
SEISMIC: category D

SNOWLOAD: 20 psf
WINDLOAD 150 mph

The LV series homes must be place on a permanent foundation. There are three standard types of foundations for you to choose from: crawlspace, basement, and/ or slab on grade. All three have been engineered to meet the structural requirements of the LV series home. The crawlspace and basement can be made of a continuous concrete wall or of concrete masonry (CMU) wall. All of the foundations have walls and/or footings along the perimeter of the building as well as the center of the building.

Floor Framing (If applicable): I-joist trusses and blocking by Jager. Floor diaphragm sheathed in 5/8" CDX Plywood (NOT included in the kit home package ).
Main Structure: Steel Post (4x4) and Beam (Glulam 5 " x 11 7/8") construction. Open Wall Panels made of 2 x 6 SYP studs and OSB board. (Included in the kit home package). Roof Framing: I-joist trusses by Jager and 2x4 strapping. Roof diaphragm sheathed in 5/8" CDX Plywood (Included in the kit home package).

The slope of the roof is built-up by Firestone Rigid Insulation Boards which are sold pre-tapered with a " slope. The roof also has a valley with a " slope that diverts the water into the two downspouts and is concealed behind the faux wall panels.

Residential aluminum fixed windows, sliding windows, sliding doors, and aluminum trim for window units.

drywall painted white interior walls and ceiling, hardwood floors throughout, floor to ceiling tile in bathrooms, and stainless steel custom cabinetry.

A HVAC heat pump system that is recessed inside a utility alcove that is outside of the foundation wall. It is sunken in so it is not a predominant exterior feature and is easily accessible to service and maintain.

The kitchen and bathrooms tucked in the back of the home, which consolidates most of the plumbing lines. The bathrooms are vented traditionally and the kitchen sink has an island vent.

The LV series kit home comes with plans, instructions, and a kit of parts for the exterior shell of the home. Below is a description of what comes in your kit.

Kit consists of (1) Open wall panels (2) Materials (3) Exterior siding

Wall panels and Faux wall panels.

WALL PANELS are part of the structure. They define the exterior walls of your home, as well as one interior wall that is structural (it is the wall that separates the living room from the bedrooms). These wall panels are open wall panels, and consist of either 2 x 6 or 2 x 4 framing with " OSB glued and nailed to the studs. The studs have predrilled holes along the bottom, so that your electrician can easily wire throughout. The wall panels do not have predrilled holes for plumbing, and do not include insulation or interior finishes. Since the wall panels have a 1 " lip where they overlap the posts as well as the sill plate, the wall panels can be securely glued and nailed onto the posts and sill plate. The panels are installed and fastened using standard construction procedures. All wall panels are labeled and correspond to the Wall Panel Layout.

FAUX WALL PANELS are multi-purposed. The faux panels allow the LV to be more energy efficient as they permit substantially greater insulation than is normally found in a home. If you add batt insulation to both the exterior panels and faux panels your wall R-value will be R-38. The faux wall panels are parapet walls that conceal the " roof slope created by tapered rigid insulation. Using this approach achieves an R-value of R-50. The two long faux wall panels on either side of the building house the downspouts and eliminate the use of exterior gutters. The upper faux panels act as an overhang and eave, protecting your windows and doors from rain as well as providing some shade. The lower faux panels add depth and make the LV appear to float. You can place exterior lights underneath the top faux wall panels to allow you to see outdoors at night while ensuring your privacy. Faux wall panels are open wall panels; they are built and installed in the same manner as the structural wall panels.

Post and Beam, Roof Structure, and open wall panel materials

Post and Beam consists of 4 x 4 Steel posts and glue lam beams; it is this structure that allows us to have large window openings. The 4 x 4 Steel posts are prefabricated posts with welded top and bottom plates. These plates have predrilled holes for connections to the foundation and to the roof beam. The glue lam beams are 5 " x 11 7/8" and come in large 24' sections that can either be hoisted into place with a boom truck, or cut to size as indicated in the plans and hoisted into place manually.

Roof Structure consists of I-joists @ 24', I-joist hangers, 4' x 8' - 5/8" CDX PLYWOOD, and 2x4 Strapping. Installation of the I-joists, 2x4 strapping, Simpson connectors, and roof decking are similar to normal stick construction. Kit does not include nails for this work.

Wall panel materials consists of 4 x 4 posts, 2 x 4 & 2 x 6 top plates and sill plates, & 4' x 8' OSB. These materials are used for the installation of the open wall panels. These are the top and sill plates for the panels and structurally connect all the individual panels. Kit does not include the nails for this work.

The standard LV series home comes in the natural Galvaume metal finish. At an additional price, you can customize the exterior siding with colored metals or Hardi panels. All of the Galvalume is included in the kit: the flashing, the flat panels, and the corrugated metal. no nails, bolts, rivets, screws, and silicone are included.

FOUNDATION SYSTEM (NOT included in the kit home package
STRUCTURAL SYSTEM (Some items are included and others are NOT included in the kit home package)
ROOFING SYSTEM (NOT included in the kit home package)
EXTERIOR FINISHES (Included in the kit home package
WINDOWS (NOT included in the kit home package)
INTERIOR FINISHES (NOT included in the kit home package)
ELECTRICAL /PLUMBING/ MECHANICAL (NOT included in the kit home package)


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